Simulashon di emergensia na Aeropuerto di Kòrsou / Emergency simulation at Curaçao International Airport


Simulashon di emergensia na Aeropuerto di Kòrsou
Willemstad – Djárason mainta Curaçao Airport Partners huntu ku organisashonnan di emergensia i partnernan den mundu di aviashon a simulá un situashon di emergensia na aeropuerto di Kòrsou. Ophetivo di e ehersisio tabata pa evaluá kon personal na aeropuerto i di organisashonnan di emergensia ta reakshoná na momentu ku un insidente tuma lugá. Tambe ta evaluá si e proseso di evakuá i ofresé asistensia na víktima ta kana segun e plan di emergensia; si e ekipo i komunikashon ta traha efisiente i efikas; i si ta duna atenshon i kuido na esnan envolví (nazorg).
Durante e ehersisio a simulá un aksidente ku avion tipo MD-83 di aeroliña fiktisio ‘XYZ’ okashoná dor di problema tékniko. Banda di e avion ku InselAir a pone disponibel pa e ehersisio, CAP tambe a risibí sosten di 67 hóben di Brigada i Fundashon Speransa. Curaçao Airport Partners a ehekutá e training huntu ku servisionan médiko, Ambulans, Blauwe i Rode Kruis, Departamentu di Brantwer di Kòrsou, Polis, Departamentu di Maneho di Desaster i FOL (Forward Operation Location/Air Force). CAP tambe por a konta ku partnernan den aviashon i tim di emergensia komo opservadó kritiko durante e training, ku lo duna e input nesesario pa e evaluashon di e ehersisio.

Emergency simulation at Curaçao International Airport
Willemstad – Wednesday morning Curaçao Airport Partners, joined by emergency and aviation partners, simulated an emergency at Curaçao International Airport. The objective of the exercise was to evaluate the response of all key personnel of the various disciplines that are involved in an aviation accident. In addition the exercise is used to evaluate if victims receive assistance according to the emergency plan and procedures; if the emergency equipment and communication work efficiently and effectively and if there is enough attention for aftercare for those involved.
During the exercise an accident caused by technical issues was simulated with an 83-MD type plane of the fictitious airline ‘XYZ’. CAP received collaboration from InselAir that enabled a spare aircraft. Also, 67 young members of the Brigade and the Foundation Speransa (translation: Hope) joined the simulation to aid in making the exercise more realistic. The exercise was executed with medical services, Ambulance, Blue/Red Cross, the Fire department of Curaçao, the Police department, the Disaster Management department and FOL (Forward Operation Location/Air Force). Emergency and aviation partners took up the role of critical observer, whom will offer the necessary input for the evaluation.







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