What to expect from Apple’s big annual event next week – Evento grandi di e kompania Apple.

What to expect from Apple’s big annual event next week
Apple’s major annual event, the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), kicks off on Monday.
Apple CEO Tim Cook and other executives will deliver a keynote in front of thousands of developers, journalists, and Apple employees. Apple holds this summit once a year to speak directly people who  make software for iPhones, iPads, and Macs, and announce what new capabilities Apple has been building into its products. 
Slight changes will be the iOS, the 10.5 inch on iPads, new processors for MacBooks, updates on apple watches and the revealing of a smart speaker.
(Photo: Apple CEO Tim Cook, photo credit Getty image) 

Evento grandi di e kompania Apple.
Kiko por spera den e siman ku ta bini
E evento mas grandi di Apple lo tuma lugá riba djaluna (5 di yüni 2017). Esaki lo tuma lugá na e konferensia yamá (WWDC) Worldwide Developer Conference.
E CEO di Apple Tim Cook i otro ehekutivonan  lo divulgá diferente novedat i kambionan riba nan produktonan. Nan lo bai splika kiko e diferente posibilidatnan ta riba e aparatonan speshal pa esnan ku ta traha riba e programanan di iPhones, iPad i Mac.  Lo baidemonstrá kambionan i otro novedatnan riba iOS, 10,5 inch  ku lo bai bini riba iPads, prosesor nobo pa MacBook, kambio riba e  iWatch i tambe nobo riba merkado lo bai ta e smart speaker. 
(Foto: Apple CEO Tim Cook, Foto credit Getty image) 

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