Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou ta lansa curacao.com den un bachi nobo

Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou ta lansa curacao.com den un bachi nobo

WILLEMSTAD – 25 di aprel 2019 – Mirando e ròl kresiente di turismo i e branding nobo ku a keda lansá resientemente pa Kòrsou, ‘Feel It For Yourself’ esta ‘Sintié pa Bo Mes’, a yega e momentu pa un wèpsait nobo. Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou (CTB) a traha riba un wèpsait nobo kual awor a keda lansá. E wèpsait nobo ta konsistí di kolónan vibrante i imágennan espektakular di nos pais tantu den forma di potrèt komo video ku sigur lo lanta kuriosidat serka tur potensial biahero pa nan bin eksperensiá nos pais. CTB pa medio di e wèpsait nobo ta ofresé e biahero un plataforma fásil ku ta yud’e krea un eksperensia memorabel tantu promé, durante komo despues di su vakashon riba nos pais. Na mes momentu e wèpsait nobo mester sirbi tambe pa brinda informashon na tantu stakeholders pafó komo esnan aki na Kòrsou.

Curacao.com ta un di e hèrmèntnan importante ku ta forma parti di e merkadeo digital ku ta keda hasí pa atraé mas bishitante pa nos pais. E wèpsait nobo ta tene kuenta ku e biahero di awendia ta buska rekursonan ku por yud’e organisá i plania su biahe. Hasiendo uso di e curacao.com nobo e usuario tin e oportunidat pa por ehèmpel e mes krea un itinerario i pa asina despues e bishitá i eksperensiá diferente atrakshon turístiko riba nos pais. Otro komponente ku tambe ta inkluí den e wèpsait nobo ta eksperensianan outéntiko di esnan ku ya a yega di bishitá nos pais.

E wèpsait nobo ta na 6 idioma. Awor Franses a keda inkluí na e idiomanan ku tabatin den e wèpsait anterior esta, Ingles, Hulandes, Spañó, Portugues i Aleman. Di e manera aki, CTB kier brinda bishitantenan den e merkadonan mas grandi tur informashon di Kòrsou den nan mes idioma. Invitá spesialmente bo konosínan den eksterior ku ainda no a bishitá nos pais pa nan tambe bishitá curacao.com i sa mas di nos dushi pais Kòrsou.


Imágen di e curacao.com nobo


Curaçao Tourist Board Launches

New and Improved curacao.com

WILLEMSTAD – April 25, 2019 – With tourism’s expanding role on the island and the launch of the new “Feel It for Yourself” branding campaign, it was time for a new website. The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) has built and has just launched a new website. The new site sports vibrant colors and spectacular imagery of the island, with pictures and videos that will no doubt arouse the curiosity of potential travelers, prompting them to come and experience for themselves what the island is all about. Through the new website, the CTB offers travelers an easy-to-use platform that will help them have a memorable experience before, during and after their vacation in Curaçao. At the same time, the site is also a source of information to stakeholders in Curaçao and abroad.

Curacao.com is a key element of the digital marketing efforts to attract more visitors to the island. The new website was designed with modern travelers in mind, who are on the lookout for resources that will allow them to organize and plan their trip in advance. With the new curacao.com, users are for instance able to create an itinerary to visit and experience a number of local tourist attractions. As another feature, the new website also includes authentic experiences as told by past visitors to the island.

The new website offers content in six languages. French has been added to the previously offered languages; English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and German. This way, the CTB is providing visitors in the major markets with all the information they need about Curaçao in their own language. Please visit us at curacao.com and Feel It For Yourself.


Images of the new curacao.com

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