Letter from: Bolivarian government of Venezuela Ministry of Popular Power XPDVSA I of Petroleum Caracas

Bolivarian government of Venezuela Ministry of Popular Power XPDVSA I of Petroleum Caracas,

June 4, 2019 Dear Colleagues of Island Refinery: Let me start with my best wishes for you and your families. We are working on the reactivation of the island refinery, despite the sanctions imposed by the United States Government over the past two years.

In this way we consolidate the potential commitment to achieve the start of operations from July 2019. For 33 years together, we have grown and built a solid relationship between Isla Refinery and PDVSA. This has made us more than commercial partners, now we are a family. We know the skills and dedication of each Isla Refinery employee and we know how much they love their refinery. We have lived the loyalty of the workers, because we know how committed they are to keep it open. Throughout the years it has been demonstrated that PDVSA is a reliable partner, which has always put employees first, exalting the social commitment with the children, youth and families of Curaçao, maintaining its social arm in both the good , as in the not so good moments. PDVSA continues with the same commitment of the last 33 years and we hope to have each one of you in the same way. Our mission to sow oil and make efficient use of wealth for the benefit of the people continues to live. Together we can achieve that Island Refinery continues to be a source of employment and prosperity for all. On behalf of Petróleos de Venezuela S.A. (“PDVSA”) reiterated the manifest interest of our company in continuing to operate Curaçao Refinery after December 31, 2019 as I expressed in the communication of December 27, 2017, it was ratified with the participation of PDVSA within the bidding process carried out by Di Korsou Refinery (RDK) and again expressed in communication of December 19, 2018. We hope to continue counting on the commitment of our workers for the potential start in July 2019 Sincerely, REPUBLIC Manuel Quevedo Minister of Popular Power for Oil President of PDVSA


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