Yüli, otro luna di kresementu positivo pa turismo 5% kresementu den turismo di estadia 

Yüli, otro luna di kresementu positivo pa turismo 5% kresementu den turismo di estadia 


WILLEMSTAD – 27 di ougùstùs 2019 – Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou (CTB) ta raportá otro luna positivo den kresementu den kantidat di turista di estadia. E sifranan mas resien ta mustra un kresementu di 5% den turismo di estadia na luna di yüli 2019. Un total di 37.248 turista di estadia a keda registrá na yüli, un kantidat di 1.611 turista mas kompará ku yüli 2018. 


Hulanda, e pais for di kual nos ta risibí mayoria turista di estadia a registrá 3% mas turista di estadia na yüli. Total 16.454 turista di estadia a keda risibí for di Hulanda. Alemania a presta hopi bon registrando 33% mas turista den luna di yüli.  E buelo temporal for di Frankfurt ku Condor a terminá fin di luna di aprel i lo inisiá dia 3 di novèmber próksimo. Mientrastantu Europa kompletu a krese ku 4% produsiendo 19.727 turista na yüli.


E merkado di Nort Amérika a krese ku 3% na yüli 2019. Nos a yama bon bini na un total di 7.007 turista di estadia prosedente di Nort Amérika. No opstante e echo ku tabata tin ménos airlift for di New York i Charlotte kompará ku aña pasa, yegada for di Estádos Unidos a krese ku 4%. E kresementu positivo for di Estádos Unídos ta reflehá e demanda kontinuo for di e pais aki. CTB huntu ku su partnernan a keda promoshoná e kampaña di merkadeo “Curaçao: Feel It For Yourself” konsientemente, kual ta dunando resultado. 


Turismo di estadia for di Sur Amérika ta sigui registrá un kresementu leve di 2% na yüli 2019.  Airlift adishonal a hunga un papel importante den e kresementu registrá. Dia 11 di aprel último, Wingo a lansa su servisio di dos biaha pa siman for di Bogotá pa Kòrsou. Avianca na su turno ta operando 4 buelo adishonal pa siman for di Bogotá e aña aki den komparashon ku aña pasá. Tur e akshonnan aki a oumentá turismo di estadia for di Colombia. Un total di 2.289 bishitante a keda registrá for di Colombia, un kresementu di 26% den turista di estadia. 


Region di Karibe a krese ku 18% na yüli. Total un kantidat di 3.724 turista di estadia a keda risibí. Aruba a registrá un kresementu di 4%, den sifranan apsoluto ta trata di 1.294 turista. 


E kantidat total di anochi pa turista a krese ku 2% na yüli 2019. Total 362 mil anochi a keda registrá. Turistanan for di Europa a keda 246 mil anochi na Kòrsou kual ta igual na yüli 2018. Turistanan prosedente di ámbos Nort komo esnan for di Sur Amérika a keda respektivamente un kantidat di 49 i 43 mil anochi durante luna di yüli. Turistanan prosedente di region di Karibe a keda un total di 23 mil anochi na Kòrsou. 


Turismo di estadia yanüari te ku yüli 2019

Turismo di estadia a krese ku 14% e promé 7 lunanan di 2019. Tur region menshoná a raportá kresementu. Total Kòrsou a risibí 275 mil turista di estadia di yanüari pa yüli 2019. For di Europa nos a risibí 142 mil turista na Kòrsou, un kresementu di 11%. For di Nort i Sur Amérika nos a risibí respektivamente 63 mil i 42 mil turista. Region di Nort Amérika a krese ku 11% miéntras Sur Amérika a krese ku 27%. Nos paisnan bisiña den Karibe a sòru pa 21 mil turista den e periodo aki kual ta un kresementu di 16%. 


July- another month of positive growth in stayover arrivals

5% increase in overall stayover arrivals 


WILLEMSTAD – August 27th, 2019


July Visitor Arrivals 2019


CTB reports another month of positive growth in stayover visitor arrivals.  The latest tourism statistics show an increase of 5% in stayover visitors for July 2019. With 37,248 stayover arrivals, there were 1,611 more visitors than was recorded in July 2018. 


Our main producing country, The Netherlands, recorded 3% more stayover visitors in July. In total 16,454 stayover visitors were welcomed from Holland. Germany performed extremely well recording 33% more visitors in July.  The seasonal flight from Frankfurt with Condor ended in April and will resume on November 3rd 2019. Meanwhile Europe as a whole had a 4% increase producing 19,727 visitors in July. 


The North American market grew by 3% in July 2019. We welcomed in total 7,007 North American visitors.  Despite the fact that we had less seat capacity out of the gateways New York and Charlotte compared to same period last year, arrivals from the USA increased by 4%. This positive tourism performance out of USA reflects continued demand from US visitors. CTB together with its partners has been consistent in promoting the island with the recent campaign “Curaçao: Feel it for yourself” which is producing results. 


The South American region continues to grow with a slight increase of 2% in July 2019.  Additional airlift has played an integral role in the positive numbers out of Colombia. On April 11, Wingo launched twice-weekly service from Bogota to Curaçao, while Avianca operated four additional weekly flights from Bogota this year compared to last year. Colombia grew reporting 2,289 visitors, an increase of 26% stayover visitors. 


The Caribbean region grew by 18% in July. We welcomed 3,724 stayover visitors out of the region. Aruba recorded 4% growth, which in absolute numbers is 1,294 visitors. 


The overall visitor nights grew by 2% in July 2019. In total 362 thousand visitor nights are registered. Out of Europe, tourists spent 246 thousand nights in Curaçao, a flat performance. North and South American visitors spent respectively 49 and 43 thousand visitor nights in July. Visitors from the Caribbean region spent 23 thousand nights in Curaçao.


Year to date: January through July 2019


Stayover visitor arrivals grew by 14% in the first seven months of 2019. All reporting regions grew year to date. In total 275 thousand visitors are registered from January through July 2019. Out of Europe, we welcomed 142 thousand tourists in Curaçao, an 11% increase. From North and South America, we welcomed 63 and 42 thousand visitors respectively.  The North American region grew by 11%, traffic from the South American region increased by 27%. Our neighboring islands from the Caribbean provided 21 thousand visitors during this period, a 16% growth.


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