Sint Maarten Police Report: 27th September 2019


Philipsburg, September 27th 2019

From:  Acting head of P.R Inspector E.S Josepha  

                    POLICE PRESS RELEASE


Man arrested  after stealing scooter 

The police patrol was dispatched to the crossing Sucker-Garden road and Arch road, on Thursday September 26th 2019,  at approximately 02.30 pm, for the theft of a scooter.  According to the information received from the victim, he was approached by the man with the initials F.L. who was apparently looking for work.  

A few minutes after speaking with F.L the victim noticed that his scooter was missing. After a quick search done by the police patrol  in the area, they encountered F.L. on the Sucker-Garden road. The suspect, who was still in possession of the scooter, was immediately arrested.  

The  stolen scooter was confiscated and brought over the station. The suspect was  later transported to the police station in Philipsburg and handed over to the Detective Department.  After being interrogated, he was incarcerated pending further investigation.             

Armed robbery on supermarket Fort Willem

On Wednesday September 25th 2019 , the owner of a supermarket located in the area of Fort

Willem contacted the police for assistance after they were a victim of an armed robbery. The

robbery took place during the evening hours at approximately 7:20 pm. 


According to the report received from the victim, 2 men brandishing firearms came into the establishment and managed to escape with the day’s earnings. The suspects fled the scene on foot in the direction of the Former Great Bay Hotel. The Special Unit Robbery is busy with the


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