Police Sint Maarten: Lifeless body discovered in the Cayhill area, Carnival 2020 Vehicle Inspection

Lifeless body discovered in the Cayhill area.

The police patrol and ambulance personnel were dispatched to the Hisap Road in Cay Hill area on Thursday January 23rd 2020 at approximately 08.00 am where a lifeless body had been discovered in a home.

Upon arrival, the patrols were met by a family member who had discovered the body in the home, not showing any signs of life. According to the information received from the family member, the decease had not been seen since Tuesday afternoon and they decided to visit the home this morning. In the home there were no signs of foul play.

The doctor was called to the scene where the man was pronounced dead. It was later concluded that the man died of natural causes in his home. The body of the deceased was later transported to one of the local Funeral homes. 

Due to privacy reasons we have refrained from using initials. On behalf of the Sint Maarten Police Force we would like to extend our condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. 


Carnival 2020 Vehicle Inspection


In an effort to inform the general public in a timely manner please see below for the Carnival 2020 Vehicle Inspection information of the Sint Maarten Police Force.


Please be advised that this is mandatory for all vehicles wishing to take part in carnival 2020. Pay keen attention to the dates listed below as late applications will not be accepted.


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