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Sint Maarten Police: Two men arrested for Narcotics by personnel of the Alpha team. 

Philipsburg,  april 16th 2020


Two men arrested for Narcotics by personnel of the Alpha team. 

In connection with an ongoing investigation into drugs smuggling the Police force of Sint Maarten (Alpha Team) arrested two male suspects with the initials K.M and S.W  on Tuesday April 14th 2020 in the  area of Cole-Bay/Simpson-bay.  The two suspects were observed acting very suspicious after picking up a package in the vicinity of the airport. 

Their questionable actions were noted by the police patrol and customs personnel who decided to stop the  vehicle in which they were and control it.

During a control by the custom officers, two packages containing marijuana was found and  immediately confiscated. Both suspects were brought over to the police station in Philipsburg after being arrested and are being held for questioning. The Alpha team is busy with this investigation. 


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