COVID-19 Guidelines by the Re-Opening Taskforce of the Emergency Operations Center

1. List of businesses allowed to open as of May 30th 2020

The below businesses, services and recreational activities may resume, as part of Phase 3 of the re-opening plan, starting Saturday May 30, 2020.​
**Contingent upon the National Ordinance on Admission & Expulsion of Visitors, Notice to Mariners, Timatic notices and other regulations/ restrictions related to travel by air and sea.
2 Opening hours
Business opening hours are 7 days per week from 6 am – 9 pm.
3. High risk businesses must submit their operational plans for approval to prior to re-opening. The list of high risk businesses for phase 3 and 4 is as follows:

4. Waivers (written permission to cross the border)
Persons who live in Sint Maarten and work in Saint Martin or have urgent medical appointments should get the necessary waiver signed by their employer and the Prefet of St. Barths and Saint Martin via the online form ( and send digital copies to ( This also count for deliveries.
5. Business and Services allowed to serve the public in connection with point 1 above must adhere to the guidelines outlined in addendum 2, entitled ‘Guidelines for the Preparation of COVID-19 Prevention and Safety Plans for the Business Community of Sint Maarten’ and subsequent industry specific guidelines, and must have their operational plans in place prior to opening to the public. Failure to do so, will result in closure of the
business. Additional guidelines may be developed and published in the interest of Public Health & Safety by the relevant authorities. In case of conflict, the newer guidelines shall override the older guidelines.