BREAKING NEWS ARTICLE STORY: Sint Eustatius Island Council Election 2020 First Ever Online Debate



Sint Eustatius Island Council Election 2020 First Ever Online Debate

Sint Eustatius Island Council Election 2020 is under edge with 2 more official days before the electorate goes to the polls to choose a new island council governing body on Wednesday, October 21st, 2020.

There will be 2 polling districts that will be available to all eligible voters on the island and that qualify to cast their ballot for the candidate of their choice.

JJosephaNews partnered with other news media to bring the first historic Sint Eustatius Island Council Election (ICE-2020) debates. Ms. Josefina Josepha producer and director of the first ever online digital broadcasting election debates for the Sint Eustatius Island Council Elections; expressed that it was a monumental occasion and its humbling but honored to help promote democracy throughout the Dutch Caribbean with our fellow Caribbean cousins from across the Caribbean Sea.

The leaders from the three (3) political parties to participate in the St. Eustatius ICE-2020 election were contacted to participate in the first ever St. Eustatius ICE-2020 Debate online due to COVID-19 re-emergence and the avoidance of public agglomerations.

The following leaders were contacted and correspondence for the historic event in the making:

  1. The leader of The United People’s Coalition (UPC); Mr. Elvin Henriquez, who took over from Mr. Zaandam because the party was seeking a younger generation to lead the island of Sint Eustatius.
  2. The leader of The Sint Eustatius Democratic Party (DP); Mrs. Frini Spanner, fighting for a better livelihood for all Statians.
  3. The leader of The Progressive Labor Party (PLP); Ms. Rechelline Leerdam, the youngest of the three leaders, was pushed forward by former leader Clyde Van Putten; whom was the leader at the time of the  van Putten acclaimed Coup d’état by Netherlands 2 years ago on the island. He is convinced that unless something be done, Netherlands is out to recolonize the Dutch Caribbean once more, according to a radio listener.

The first ever Sint Eustatius Island Council 2020 Election debate will feature a total of 21 questions in a variation of national topics:

a.)     Climate Change

b.)    Good Governance

c.)     Finance & Economy

d.)    Autonomy

e.)    Issues on Sint Eustatius including Poverty, Voting Registry and fair Elections

f.)      Infrastructure and Utilities

g.)     Health & Social dilemmas

For all those Statians on the island and eligible to vote this is guaranteed to offer the perfect medium and opportunity to learn more about who you are voting on and for, but especially why they deserve your vote.

In 2018 there was a reason why Netherlands Minister of state for Kingdom Relations in the Dutch Caribbean; Raymond Knops and the Dutch Prime minister; Mark Rutte intervened in Sint Eustatius due to acclaimed High Corruption, Mismanagement and Bad Governance of the Island Council by then leader Clyde Van Putten and his PLP party.

Stay tune for updates and official release of the full debate, you may find out more, maybe one party maybe too “van chicken” to show?

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