WMTA on tour. Nourdin Johri @ Baas Sports Curacao

Special guest trainer of the World Muay Thai Association (WMTA) Nourdin Johri gave some great classes this week at Baas Sports Curacao. Nourdin is a former Muay Thai champion with 70 A-class fights (pro top division) and as top referee head official of the WMTA.
Edwin Baas: “As known, because of my international contacts we frequently receive champions and top trainers who train and / or provide guest lessons at Baas Sports. This time it was again a great success.
Nourdin is also a great person and does a lot from the heart. To give just a few examples; in Rotterdam he works with young people with psychosocial problems, he did a wheelchair boxing match with an English wheelchair user, for a boy with Down syndrome he made the day of his life by fighting an exhibition match with him.”
On Saturday morning March 6 at 9 a.m. there is an open beach training given by Nourdin. Participation is free, however, you must register in advance via edwin@baassports.com

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