Okupashon di hotèl ta rekuperá den bon direkshon despues di lockdown


Okupashon di hotèl ta rekuperá den bon direkshon despues di lockdown

Ta importante pa Kòrsou aselerá demanda.


Willemstad, 26 di jüli 2021 – Kompará ku luna di mart, ora Kòrsou tabata den e di dos lockdown, okupashon di hotèl den luna di jüni (despues di lockdown) a konosé un oumento, segun CHATA i basá riba e sifranan mensual di okupashon di hotèl proveé pa STR.


Sifranan di prestashon di hotèl ta mustra ku okupashon di hotèl di jüni 2021 na Kòrsou tabata 54.6%. Esaki ta mas haltu ku e average di okupashon di hotèl di Karibe di alrededor di 48% i ta mustra un mihó rekuperashon kompará ku e promé luna despues di e promé lockdown aña pasá. Kompará ku e mesun luna na aña 2019 (66.3%) esaki ta un bahada di 17.6%. Sinembargo, okupashon di hotèl di luna di mart 2021 kompará ku jüni 202 ta mustra un oumento di 38%. Esaki ta un indikashon ku sektor di turismo ta rekuperando poko poko di e di dos lockdown.


E tarifa promedio diario (ADR) di luna di jüni tabata $142.22. Di e mesun luna den aña 2019, esaki tabata $141.19, ku ta un oumento di 0.7%. Pa loke ta trata e entrada pa kamber disponibel (RevPAR), na jüni 2021 esaki tabata $77.60 kual ta un bahada di 17% kompará ku e mesun luna na 2019 ($93.55).


Mas aleu, si kompará e tarifa promedio diario di luna di mart 2021, durante lockdown ($160.74) ku e luna di jüni 2021, despues di lockdown ($142.22), esaki ta mustra un bahada di 13%. Mientras e tarifa promedio diario a baha, e entrada pa kamber disponbel si a subi ku 30%. E entrada pa kamber disponibel den luna di mart 2021 tabata $54.41 i den jüni $77.60.


CHATA ta koutelosamente optimista tokante e oumento di okupashon di hotèl. E oumento di entrada pa kamber disponibel di luna di mart kompará ku jüni, ta un indikashon ku kos ta mehorando. Sinembargo, Kòrsou ta rekuperando ahinda i huntu ku nos miembronan, partnernan i stakeholders, CHATA ta traha pa hasi biahamentu pa i for di Kòrsou mas plasentero.


Despues di e pandemia global, e diferensia entre sifranan di prestashon di hotèl di jüni 2019 i 2021 ta inevitabel. Apesar ku persektiva ta mustra positivo, CHATA ta kere ta importante pa sigui stimulá demanda. Esaki ku e speransa ku Kòrsou por un bes mas alineá sifranan di prestashon di hotèl di 2021 ku esnan promé ku COVID i aún mas importante, sigui krese. Na mes momentu, ta keda importante pa tur kompania i empleadonan trahando den sektor di turismo i hospitalidat sigui kumpli ku medidanan basiko di COVID manera distansia sosial i medidanan di higiena. Nos tur tin ku yuda evitá un brote mas di kasonan di COVID, ya ku esaki lo ta devastador pa nos ekonomia.

Hotel occupancy recovery is heading in the right direction post-lockdown

Importance for Curaçao is to accelerate demand.


Willemstad, 26 July 2021 – The month of June 2021 compared to the month of March 2021 shows an increase in hotel occupancy, announces CHATA based on the monthly hotel occupancy figures done by STR.


Hotel performance figures show that the hotel occupancy in June 2021 in Curaçao was 54.6%. Which is higher as the Caribbean average hotel occupancy of about 48%, and it also shows a better recovery rate compared to the first month after the first lockdown last year. When compared to the same month in 2019 (66.3%), this is a decrease of only 17.6%. However, the hotel occupancy of the month of March 2021 compared to the month of June 2021 shows a growth of 38%, indicating that the tourism industry is slowly recovering from the second lockdown.


The average daily rate (ADR) for the month of June 2021 was $142.22. For the same month in 2019, this was $141.19; this is an increase of 0.7%. Regarding the revenue per available room (RevPAR), this was $77.60 in June 2021, which is a decrease of 17% compared to the same month in 2019 ($93.55).


Furthermore, when comparing the ADR for the month of March 2021 ($160.74) to the month of June 2021 ($142.22), it shows a decrease of 13%. While the ADR decreased, the RevPAR of March 2021($54.41) compared to the month of June 2021 ($77.60) shows an increase of 30%.


CHATA is cautiously optimistic about the increase in hotel occupancy. The increase in RevPAR from March 2021 when compared to June 2021 suggests that things are improving, however Curaçao is still on the road to recovery. Together with our members, partners, and stakeholders, CHATA is working on making the trip to and from Curaçao more pleasant.


It is to be expected to see the aftermath the global pandemic had on the sector when comparing the figures of June 2019 to those of June 2021. Even though things begin to look up for the sector post-lock-down, CHATA believes it is important to continue to stimulate the demand. This is with the hope that Curaçao can once again align the hotel performance figures from 2021 to those of pre-COVID, and more importantly continue growing. At the same time, it continues to be important for all companies and employees working in the tourism and hospitality sector, to continue to comply with the basic Covid measures as social distancing and hygiene measures. As we all have to help to avoid another surge of covid cases, as this would be devastating for our economy.

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