Four house searches conducted in Madame Estate  


From:  Acting head of communication Department 

           Inspector E.S Josepha  


                                                       Philipsburg, September 24th  2021



Four house searches conducted in Madame Estate  


One man was arrested and four houses in Madame Estate wewre searched by the Major Crimes Squad on Friday morning. The police actions were in connection with ongoing investigations into trafficking of narcotics and firearms. 


A quantity of drugs, firearms, and data carriers were confiscated in the searches. 

The investigations continue and similar actions will be taken by the police when required. 



Two suspects arrested for stolen vehicle possession


On September 24, 2021, at approximately 1:00am, a police patrol spotted a gray i10 parked on Guana Bay Beach in the cover of darkness. Upon further check of the car, it became apparent that the car was likely stolen as the vin number was tampered with. 


The driver and passenger with initials T.I.T.D and A.L.C. respectively could not give a proper account about how they obtained the vehicle. They were arrested and taken to Philipsburg police station where they are held for questioning. 


The vehicle was confiscated pending further investigation. 


The Police Force of Sint Maarten KPSM reminds the public to avoid purchasing potentially stolen vehicles. Many stolen vehicles are resold well below their actual value. Some buyers have no idea that the vehicles were stolen until it is too late. At that point, the buyers are at a double disadvantage, because the vehicle will be confiscated, they could be arrested for being in possession of stolen goods, and monies will be lost.


KPSM has been working together with French side counterparts to halt the vehicle thefts on the island. 


Law enforcements from both sides of the island have intensifying controls on all vehicles that are presumed stolen. 



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