Proseso di parker nobo na CMC

Proseso di parker nobo na CMC

Willemstad, 26 di novèmber, 2021 – Riba djárason, 1 di desèmber, Curaçao Medical Center lo introdusí e sistema di parker nobo. Pa baha pashènt den garashi (ménos ku 10 minüt) òf pa pashènt parker ta grátis.  E tarifa pa bishita parker ta ANG 3,- pa e promé ora i ANG 2,- pa kada ora adishonal. Na momentu ku espasio di parker yena, e pantayanan na entrada lo indiká esaki. Tin espasio pa parker grátis disponibel pafó di hòspital dilanti garashi di parker, na banda di Pater Eeuwensweg òf na Colon. Por fabor plania pa yega 30 minüt promé ku bo sita pa bo tin sufisiente tempu pa parker i pasa na e bali di registrashon.

Na momentu ku drenta na garashi bo ta risibí un karchi di parker. Pa bo haña un lugá di parker, simplemente sigui e pantayanan ku ta indiká e kantidat di espasio disponibel. Kòrda baha ku bo karchi pa sea validá esaki komo pashènt òf pa hasi bo pago komo bishita na e mashin di pago. Pashèntnan por validá nan karchi na bali di Registrashon, departamentu di Diálisis òf na Radiologia. Ku e karchi validá of pagá bo ta risibí akseso pa por sali for di garashi.


New parking process at CMC

Willemstad, November 26th, 2021 – On Wednesday, December 1st, Curaçao Medical Center will introduce the new parking system.  Patient drop off (less than 10 minutes) and patient parking are free. Parking fee for visitors is ANG 3,- for the first hour and ANG 2,- for each additional hour. If the parking garage is full, the screen at the entrance will indicate this. There are additional free spaces available in front of the parking garage or on Pater Eeuwensweg. Please be sure to arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment to leave enough time to park and to visit the registration desk.

As soon as you enter the garage, you will receive your parking ticket. To obtain a parking spot, simply follow the screens that indicate the number of spaces available. Do not forget to bring your ticket inside with you to validate or to make your payment at the machine when you are ready to leave the hospital. Patients can validate their tickets at the Registration desk, Dialysis department or the Radiology department. With your validated or paid ticket, you will be able to exit the garage.

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