CHATA Newsletter | An Overview Of What Has Been Happening | May 2022

CHATA publishes hurricane preparedness kit 2022

With the hurricane season officially upon us, knowing what to expect and what to do when a storm or hurricane comes is the best possible protection you can have. The information kit is handy before, during and after the storm, to be used as a step-by-step guide for the safety of your family, home and business. By planning ahead – carefully and thoroughly – you can greatly reduce the chances of personal injury and property damage.

CHATA Marketing Taskforce Europe meets

Monday – May 30, 2022 – The Europe CTB team (Muryan de Bruin, Anne Rösner, and Sharon Vassell) presented their action plans for the rest of 2022 and upcoming fairs in 2023. Attendees discussed among others the improvement such as fair registration processes and more impactful presence of Curaçao as a destination at trade fairs.

Curaçao Global Trade Symposium 2022

With over 150 tourism partners participating from around the world.

After two years, CHATA together with CTB hosted the Curaçao Global Trade Symposium in the last week of May. During this week over 150 wholesalers from around the world visited our beautiful island to experience the unique tourism product we have to offer. On Tuesday 24 and Wednesday, 25 of May, CHATA hosted the GTS Marketplace at the Curaçao Marriott Beach Resort, where fruitful business and partnership meetings were held with the private sector through a speed dating concept. A special thank you goes to over 60 CHATA members who participated and/or helped make this event a success and one to remember.

Destination Curaçao Restarts airline partnership visits in the USA

Willemstad- May 16, 2022 – As all airline partners have restarted service to Curaçao and in-person meetings are resuming, Destination Curaçao visited the current airlines servicing Curaçao from the USA during the week of May 16. The meetings were well attended, and the conversations were candid reviewing current and potential route development with United Airlines, Jetblue Airways and American Airlines. Destination Curaçao was represented by CTB, Hugo Clarinda and Christine Campagnard, CAP, Peggy Croes, CHATA, Helena Seferina-Rojas and CAH, Giordano Molina. Each airline was presented a token of appreciation for their committed partnership with Curaçao and continued support.
CHATA US Online Marketing campaign

After a succesfull start back in October 2021, 10 hotels are participating currently in the CHATA US Online Marketing campaign and more hotels are joining every month. Main goal is to grow US bookings for our destination. To explain ins and outs of the campaign in more depth – to current hotels and hotel members considering to join, CHATA organized a meeting at the Avila hotel. The main objectives, tactics and most importantly results of past months were shared, together with some great news that CTB and CAP are contributing and are joining the campaign from June 1, onwards.
CHATA celebrates Stars of the Industry Stars of Q1-2022

Willemstad- May 11, 2022 – CHATA hosted the quarterly “Stars of the Industry” award ceremony at CHATA Member, Porto Restaurant Curaçao. During this event, the first quarter employees and supervisors from 2022 …

23.  || Members Meeting Q2
TBA  || Caribbean Marketing Taskforce
TBA || North America Marketing Taskforce
TBA || South America Marketing Taskforce

Curaçao Global Trade Symposium 2022

WILLEMSTAD- May 24, 2022 — This week, over 150 wholesalers, airlines and members of the
press are visiting Curaçao to attend the Curaçao Global Trade Symposium 2022…

Welcome, AFC Ajax

The Curaçao Team’s European-based players have also arrived
WILLEMSTAD- May 17, 2022 – A selection of the Dutch soccer team AFC Ajax arrived in Curaçao on Tuesday, May 17, just days after securing the championship of the Dutch Eredivisie for the 36th time…

CTB signs agreement with FEBEKO

WILLEMSTAD- May 13, 2022 — The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) and the Curaçao Baseball Federation (Federashon di Beisbòl di Kòrsou, or FEBEKO) recently signed a sponsorship agreement…

April 2022 achieved 106% of the pre-pandemic arrivals of April 2019

WILLEMSTAD- May 12, 2022 — The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) is reporting 42,715 stayover visitor arrivals for the month of April. With these arrivals…

Churandy Martina charity invitational extended.
Save the date!

Last April 30, a large auction took place to raise money for the Churandy Martina Foundation. Furthermore, the famous All Star Band will perform one more time, on
the beach of Blue Bay. The date will bee mentioned later on…

Register today
Save the date!

This event is your chance to come for an inside look at our academic environment. You will learn what ut’s like when you join one of our programs. Meet some of the faculty members and students who attend these programs while getting a feel for your future career…

CAP obtained the aerodrome certification

Willemstad, June 3, 2022 – We have the immense pleasure of sharing with you that once again CAP obtained the Aerodrome Certification! Despite the tough times we’ve been through during the last two years, CAP made it through! As a company, we continuously work to develop and enforce safety and security guidelines for airlines operations, travelers and employees, the condition of our infrastructure and the overall experience, to ensure we meet all national and international standards. This accreditation allows us to look SAFELY at the development of Commercial Aviation and allow more passengers for the benefit of tourism and the economy of Curaçao.
CAP proud supporter of the Successful Curaçao Global Tourism Symposium 2022

Curaçao took center stage in the Caribbean this week by hosting a well-attended and very successful Global Tourism Symposium organized in partnership by the CTB and CHATA. Tour Operators, Wholesalers and Press members…

Tourism education to a higher level
 – May 31 2022 – De University of Curaçao Dr. Moises da
Costa Gomez (UoC) andFundashon Bon Intenshon signed a Memorandum of Understanding, fostering the further quality and content of theInternational Hospitality andTourism Management program of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences. The program has recently been accredited positively by the Dutch/Flemish…


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