CTB ta repartí material deportivo na 3 klup di futbòl hubenil

WILLEMSTAD- 7 di yüni 2022 – Resientemente Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou (CTB) a hasi entrega di material di futbòl na 3 klup deportivo hubenil. Ta trata aki di materialnan ku a keda usá durante e klínika di futbòl ku a keda duná resientemente pa Ajax na 400 hóben aki na Kòrsou. E klupnan a risibí  materialnan nobo tambe manera shùrt di Ajax i tambe bòter di awa pa deportista. Tambe a repartí bou di e klupnan bala i peon ku a keda usá durante di e klínika di futbòl. E siguiente klupnan a keda skohé pa risibí e materialnan; ta trata di: Union Deportivo Bandabou (Undeba) na Soto, Sport Vereniging Hubentut Fortuna i Centro Hubenil Mahuma. CTB ta sumamente kontentu di por a hasi e gesto aki na e hóbennan i ta sigur ku e hóbennan lo bai hasi bon uso di e materialnan deportivo ku nan a risibí.


CTB distributes sports materials to 3 youth soccer clubs

 WILLEMSTAD – June 7, 2022 – Recently, the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) delivered soccer materials to 3 different youth soccer clubs. This material was used during the soccer clinics that was recently conducted by the Ajax team for 400 youngsters here in Curaçao. The clubs also received new materials such as Ajax shirts and water bottles. Soccer balls and training marker cones that were used during the soccer clinic was also distributed to these clubs. The following clubs were chosen to receive the materials: Union Deportivo Bandabou (Undeba) at Soto, Sport Vereniging Hubentut Fortuna and Centro Hubenil Mahuma. CTB is extremely pleased to have been able to gift these materials to the youth of these clubs and trusts that they will make good use of the sporting goods received.

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