Amsterdam had 52.5 million passenger movements in 2022

Schiphol airport, Amsterdam had 52.5 million passenger movements in 2022.
A passenger movement is a passenger who is arriving, departing or in transit.

Data provided by Schiphol airport also revealed that the data show there has been an increase of 106% in passenger movements compared to 2021 when 25.5 million travelers were registered by airport authorities, which was 27% less than in 2019 when 71.7 million travelers traveled through this airport, reports.

According to the same source, out of the total of 52.5 million passengers in 2022, 37 percent of them had a connecting flight at Schiphol, which means that 9.6 million travelers were transfer passengers (19.2 million passenger movements as they were arriving and departing).

During the past year, 397,646 air transport movements (airplanes) were registered at Schiphol airport, which is an increase of 49 percent compared to 2021, when 266,969 movements were recorded but a decrease of 20 percent compared to 2019, with 496,826 air transport movements.

Schiphol Airport connected the Netherlands directly to 313 destinations, 129 of which were intercontinental. Thus, there were 27 new destinations, while ten destinations that were flown in 2021 were no longer passed in 2022.

In this regard, new additions to the network include Austin (United States), Denpasar Bali (Indonesia), and Rovaniemi (Finland).

Among the most popular destinations, last year were the Dutch Antilles, Curaçao and Bonaire. The number of travelers to Curaçao increased by 19 percent, and travelers to Bonaire increased by 59 percent compared to 2019.

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