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Investigation into an ill-treatment in Dutch Quarter

KPSM Department of Communication
Press Release by acting head: Inspector F.N. Richards

Police Press release: Philipsburg, June 05 th, 2023

Investigation into an ill-treatment in Dutch Quarter

`On Monday June, 05th, Police Central dispatch received a call about a possible arm robbery at a supermarket located in the Dutch Quarter area. In response to this 911 call, a patrol unit was immediately dispatched to the location. Upon arriving in the area, the patrol officers observed a possible suspect fleeing the scene. After a short pursuit, the suspect was apprehended. The suspect was then taken to the police headquarters in Philipsburg pending further investigation. Later it was discovered that the owner of the restaurant near a supermarket in Dutch Quarter was ill-treated, during an argument by one of his clients. Because of his injuries the restaurant owner had to be transported to the St. Maarten Medical Center for treatment. The investigation is ongoing.


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