Kurpa sin bida di un persona a keda deskubrí den awa.

Kurpa sin bida di un persona a keda deskubrí den awa den bisendario di Kimsha Beach na Sint Maarten. Agentenan polisial i Wardakosta a keda dirigí na e sitio pa investigá e kaso aki.

Swimmers discovers lifeless body in Simpson Bay
Around 2 pm on Saturday, June 29th 2019, the central dispatch received a call about a lifeless body afloat in Simpson Bay. The Sint Maarten Police Force and the Coast Guard were informed and went to the area of Kim Sha Beach, where swimmers had seen the body floating in the sea. The Coast Guard and the Police officers pulled the body out of the water and took it to the beach for further investigation. The doctor officially pronounced that the person was deceased. At this moment the identity will not yet be released. More details will come, as soon as they are available.

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[wpvideo Vu4jkGua]

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