Police Warning: No need for speed, avoid unnecessary trips  / Closing of non-essential businesses 

Philipsburg, March 24, 2020


Police Warning: No need for speed, avoid unnecessary trips 


Following the international pandemic of the COVID-19 virus the Sint Maarten Police Force has observed an increase in the improper use of the roadways and through this press release would like to warn the general public moving forward Zero Tolerance will be set into motion for persons in violation. 

Drivers are taking advantage of the fact that the roads are a bit clearer due to the precautions set in place, by Prime Minister S.Jacobs, to close all non essential businesses in an effort to alleviate the spread of the COVID -19 virus. Road users are using this as an opportunity to unnecessarily speed and motorcycle users are operating without helmet protection.

All persons who are in violation of the road rules and regulations will be reprimanded to the fullest extent of the law. When you are not adhering to the regulations set in place you are obstructing the free flow of traffic. It is not only careless on your part, as you are putting your life in danger but you are also now endangering the lives of other road users. 

The Sint Maarten Police Force will not condone this dangerous and illegal behavior by users of the public roads and warns those who are not following the road regulations to cease and desist. It is our duty as officers of the law to enforce the traffic rules and we will not shy away from doing so. 

We have increased police patrolling in several districts and persons caught in violation of the road rules will be fined or may even be subject to arrest. 

Reduce your speed; wear your seat belt when operating a motor vehicle; wear a helmet when operating a motorcycle, be considerate of other road users. If it is not necessary to be on the road we are pleading with the public to stay indoors for your own safety and the safety of others. 

This can help prevent unnecessary mishaps; the life you save can very well be your own. 


Closing of non-essential businesses 


Over the last few days, the police have scaled up its visibly on the street  in connection with the measures taken by the government of Sint Maarten to fight the expansion of the Covid 19 virus.

Police is aware that expanding the patrol units on the streets will give the public of St. Maarten a feeling of safety and security in these troubling times.

In bettering the service to the public , officers  were given various work assignments, such as monitoring of the traffic situation and maintaining public order. 

A special assignments  was also given to enforce the rule, that all non-essential companies must remain closed in connection measure implemented by the president of the  E.O.C. to protect the health of the general public. 


Over the last few days it has become apparent that several companies, that are designated as non-essential did not comply with the established rules and are remaining open in violations of the law.

During several controls carried out yesterday March 23rd 2020, the police were forced to issue fines to several businesses who did not comply with the rules to stay closed.


We are asking the owners of the non-essential businesses to comply with the measures laid down  in the law by the competent authority.   

The police force of Sint Maarten is hereby making it abundantly clear,  that businesses who are in violation of the rules and regulations will be reprimanded to the fullest extent of the law.


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