CHATA su Attractions Task Force ta lansa Staycation Special / CHATA Attractions Task Force to Launch Staycation Special



CHATA su Attractions Task Force ta lansa Staycation Special


Willemstad, 24 di yüni 2020 –  Dia promé di jüli 2020 CHATA su Attractions Task Force lo lansa su “Kòrsou ta Dushi” Saycation Special. E intenshon tras di e kampaña aki ta pa stimulá lokalnan pa haña un ñapa di loke Kòrsou ta ofresé den kuadro di atrakshonnan turistiko. Spesifikamente, personanan registrá na Kòrsou lo tin e oportunidat pa disfrutá di diferente tour i aktividat na e miembronan di CHATA su Attractions Task Force, manera Landhuis Chobolobo, Chichi Curaçao, Hato Cave i Curaçao Sea Aquarium na un preis atraktivo di 10 Florin kada unu. Aparte di enkurashá nos lokalnan pa eksplorá lokual nos isla tin di ofresé, e kampaña ta ofresé tambe un oportunidat pa gana un voucher balioso pa back to school na balor di 500 Florin pa hasi kompra na Sambil Shopping Mall, miembro di CHATA i tambe partner den e kampaña aki.


Pa por tin un oportunidat pa gana e premio aki, bishitantenan mester buska e Attractions Post Card na kualkier unu di e establesementunan partisipante. Partisipante mester bishitá tur kuater atrakshon kaminda e lo risibí un stampia. Unabes tur kuater stampia keda kolektá i e datonan personal keda yená, e bishitante por tira su karchi den e buzon na Sambil Shopping Mall. E kampaña lo kore te ku 9 di ougùstùs 2020 i e ganadó di e sorteo lo keda anusiá 12 di ougùstùs 2020.


Pa mas informashon tokante e Staycation Special aki, por bishitá o “Curaçao Things to Do” riba Facebook i Instagram.



CHATA Attractions Task Force to Launch Staycation Special


Willemstad, June 24, 2020  – On July 1, 2020, the CHATA Attractions Task Force will launch the “Kòrsou ta Dushi” Staycation Special. The intention behind this Staycation Special is to stimulate locals to get a glimpse of what Curaçao has to offer in terms of attractions. Specifically, everyone registered in Curaçao will get the opportunity to enjoy tours and activities at the Attractions Task Force members Landhuis Chobolobo, Chichi Curaçao, Hato Cave and Curaçao Sea Aquarium at a special rate of 10 guilders per person per attraction. In addition to encourage locals to explore what our island has to offer, postcard-holders will have the chance to win a Back to School voucher with the value of NAFl. 500 to shop at Sambil Shopping Mall, CHATA member and partner in this campaign.


In order to have a chance to win this prize, visitors can get a free Attractions Post Card at either one of the participating establishments. Secondly, postcard-holders should visit all four attractions to receive a stamp on their postcard, confirming their visit. Once all four stamps have been received and the visitor’s contact details have been placed on the postcard, the postcard may be thrown in the raffle box at Sambil Shopping Mall. The campaign will run until August 9, 2020 and the winner of the raffle will be announced on August 12, 2020.


For more information about this Staycation Special, please visit or “Curaçao Things to Do” on Facebook and Instagram.



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