econd period of “Alivio” compensation scheme of the public entity Bonaire 


KralendijkSecond period of “Alivio” compensation scheme of the public entity Bonaire 

For the second time, entrepreneurs and private individuals on Bonaire may receive an allowance towards their necessary private housing costs. This time it will cover the period April until June 2021. The allowance is at least US$500.00 per household per month. The calculation of the allowance is based on the household’s shortfall in the amount needed in order to pay the necessary housing costs.  Would you like to apply for Alivio? Fill out the form at: Applications may be submitted from 11 August 2021 to 31 August 2021 at the latest.

All terms and conditions, along with additional information, are available at Completed and signed application forms, along with the required attachments, may be emailed to: The application form may also be handed in from Monday to Friday between 8 and 11 AM at the Society and Care Directorate’s offices on Kaya Neerlandia 41. Please note that your application will only be considered if it is complete. 

For questions and help with submitting the application, you may contact the Society and Care Directorate on 715 2211

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