Konektá ku tur poliklínika di CMC via WhatsApp

Konektá ku tur poliklínika di CMC via WhatsApp

Willemstad, 10 di mart, 2022 – Entrante djaluna 14 di mart, Curaçao Medical Center (CMC) ta aktivá un number di WhatsApp pa traha òf kambia sita, petishon pa resultado di tèst, ripití resèpt, òf konfirmá ku hòspital a risibí bo karta di referensia di bo dòkter di kas. E number di WhatsApp (+5999-745-0000) ta pa
konektá solamente ku poliklínika. E opshon aki lo yuda baha e kantidat di yamadanan ku ta drenta pa asina
por atendé tur pashènt na un manera mas efisiente. E opshon pa yama sentral di telefòn papia dirèkt ku un persona ta keda posibel ora yama 745-0000.
Si bo no risibí un kontesta pa bo pregunta mesora via di WhatsApp, un representante di e poliklínika lo tuma kontakto den ménos ku 48 ora. Si ta trata di un emergensia, yama 911 òf ambulans na 912.

Pa último desaroyonan di CMC, sigui página di Facebook di Curaçao Medical Center.

Connect with all CMC clinics via WhatsApp

Willemstad, March 10th, 2022 – Starting Monday, March 14th, Curaçao Medical Center (CMC) will activate a
WhatsApp number to make appointments, request test results, request a repeat prescription, or to confirm that the reference letter from your General Practitioner has been received. The WhatsApp number (+5999-
745-0000) is only to connect with the clinics. The option will help lower the amount of incoming calls in order to help patients in a more efficient manner. The option to call the central number to speak directly to a person remains available when calling 745-0000.
If you do not immediately receive an answer to your question via WhatsApp, a representative of the clinic will call you directly within 48 hours. If you have an emergency, call 911 or an ambulance at 912.

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