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Willemstad, 23 di Mei 2022 – E koló di e dia tabata korá i e palabra di dia tabata apresio.


Rònt Karibe, na tur e 15 miembronan di e ret, na sukursal i na e ofisinanan, miembronan di e staf a keda risibí na trabou ku tapeit kora, trato speshal i mensahenan personalisá riba e dia dediká na empleado ku CIBC FirstCaribbean ta brinda na su 3000 koleganan ku ta laborá na e banko, kual ta ‘Dia di Apresio na Empleado 2022’.


Empleadonan di tur nivel na e banko regional a presentá na trahe ku diferente tono di e koló korá, di kua algún a hasta añadí sombré i artíkulonan pa komplementá na e dia, i a gosa di e dia yená ku un kantidat di aktividat pa fomentá unión i bon ambiente bou di e tema “Un Karibe: Kolaborando pa nos éksito”.


E banko su Chief Executive Officer, señora Colette Delaney, a tipifiká e dia komo “un di e dianan mas eksitante den nos kalènder korporativo”, notando ku “mientras e banko ta balorá e kontribushon di tur su empleadonan henter aña, riba e ‘Dia di Apresio na Empleadonan’ nos ta dediká tempu pa selebrá i honra boso tur ku a hasi nos e éksito regional ku nos banko ta”.


Delaney a añadi “Nos gratitut ta multipliká ora bo reflehá riba e ambiente di operashon yená ku reto ku nos mester a navegá durante di e último dos aña, komo resultado di e kompromiso apsoluto di nos tim na CIBC FirstCaribbean.


Boso kurashi, kreatividat, ingeniosidat, determinashon, aktitut korekto, fraternidat i sentido di humor a yuda nos pasa dor di e lunanan insigur na komienso di e pandemia di Covid.”


Señora Timba Engelhardt, Country Manager Curaçao, a kompartí ku “Nos na Kòrsou a tuma tempu e siman akí pa huntu selebrá ku varios aktividat yená ku bon ambiente. Sigur tabatin hopi momento tremendo yená ku legría. Nos ta kontentu ku e kompromiso di nos koleganan i nan dedikashon na banko.”


Chief Administrative Officer, señor Neil Brennan, den un mensahe kòrtiku pa tur kolega na e banko a bisa “Nos por ta den 15 teritorio pero nos ta un banko sólido, un tim. Awe mi ta gradisí boso pa a hasi nos banko un éksito i tené na kabes den region.” 


Tambe e la bisa ku “e último dos añanan a tèst i reta nos tur, tantu personalmente komo profeshonalmente. Nos mester a siña traha, divertí i sosialisá den un sistema nobo ku no tur ora tabata asina fásil, pero den henter nos banko boso a duna kara na e retonan i a sobrepasá nan.”


Koleganan rònt henter teritorio pa medio di téknologia a sobrepasá e distansha, i huntu a gosa di un dia yená ku interakshon, ku aktividatnan manera ‘One Caribbean Fun Zones’, diferente kwes durante dia, e wega hopi disfrutá kual ta ‘Pictionary’ i aktividatnan manera ‘Guess whose workspace’.

Tambe koleganan tabatin diskushonnan animá ku ehekutivonan i personal gerenshal durante di e seshonnan ‘Let’s Chat’.





Willemstad 23 May 2022The colour of the day was red, and the word was definitely “appreciated”!


All across its 15-member regional network of branches and offices staff arrived to work to a red-carpet welcome and other special treats and personalised messages on Thursday May 19, as CIBC FirstCaribbean toasted its near 3 000 staff members on Employee Appreciation Day.


Employees at all levels of the regional bank were dressed in an array of red outfits, some even complemented with hats and custom-made pieces for the day, enjoyed a day filled with range of team building and fun activities as they marked the day under the theme: “One Caribbean: Collaborating for our Success”.


The bank’s Chief Executive Officer Colette Delaney hailed the day as “one of the most exciting days on our corporate calendar” noting that while the bank valued the contributions of all of its employees “all year round…on Employee Appreciation Day we get to spend the day celebrating and honouring all of you for making our bank the regional success that it is”.


She added: “Our gratitude is multiplied times over when we reflect on the challenging operating environment that we have navigated over the past two years, as a result of your absolute commitment to team CIBC FirstCaribbean.


Your courage, creativity, ingenuity, dogged determination, right attitude, team spirit and at times sense of humour, saw us through those uncertain early months of the covid pandemic.”


Timba Engelhard, Country Manager Curaçao said “We in Curaçao took time this week to interact with each other during various joyful activities.  It sure was filled with lot of fun and laughter.  We are grateful for the commitment of our colleagues and their dedication to the bank”


Chief Administrative Officer Neil Brennan in his short message to staff said “we may be in 15 territories, but we are solidly one bank – one team.  Today, I thank all of you for making our bank so successful and keeping it on top!”


He noted the past “two years have tested and challenged all of us both personally and professionally. We have had to learn to work, play and socialize in new and not always easy ways, but all across our bank you rose to the new challenges, and you overcame them”.  


Using technology to bridge the divide, staff members enjoyed a fun-filled day of engagement and interaction including One Caribbean fun zones and quizzes throughout the day. There was also the very entertaining online Pictionary and ‘guess whose workspace’ activities.


Staffers also engaged in lively discussions with executives and other senior personnel during special “let’s Chat” sessions.


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