Flavors of Curaçao 2022 ta bèk i selebrando di 5 edishonKarchi optenibel awor



Willemstad, 12 di ougùstùs 2022–Awe, Curaçao Hospitality and Tourism Association (CHATA)ta lansa e disinkuedishon di e festival kulinario mas grandi di Kòrsou, Flavors of Curaçao2022.Ku e evento aki CHATA ke rekouda fondo pa sigui invertíden diferente proyekto na benifisio disektor diturismoihospitalidat ikomunidatdi Kòrsou.Selebrando CHATA su55 aniversario e añaaki, e selebrashon ta aún mas grandi ya ku esaki ta e di 5 edishon di e festival kulinario tambe. Eeventolo tuma lugá naRenaissance Wind Creek Curaçao Resortriba djasabra 24disèptèmberimeskos ku edishonnan previoeksitóso, e aña akiFlavors of Curaçaotaspera diatraéalrededordi4.000 bishitante, entre 16:00-23:00,kendelopor saboriá platonan kreativo i delisioso.Flavors of Curaçao ta un festival kulinario den airu liber ku ta eksponé e diversidat kulinarioirestorantnanna Kòrsou. E evento lo brinda tur bishitante e oportunidat pa disfrutá di un granvariedat di plato prepará pa mas di 30restorantpartisipante, akompañá pa bon musika iaktividatnan eksitante pa famia kompletuporgosa.Eksperensiá trùknan di pan, kumindainternashonal, barnan dicocktail, kuminda urbano, opshonnan vegano i muchu mas, tur den unmagno i eksitante evento. Karchiearlybirdpa e evento úniko aki lo kuminsa na Naf.30 i lo biradespues Naf.35.Entrada ta inkluí Naf.15 na ficho i ta gratispa mucha bou di 12 aña. Karchinanta optenibel na Van den Tweel Zeelandia, Mensing’s Caminada, Tu y Yo Grote BergiSta. Rosa,ofisina diCHATAionlineviawww.caribbeanticketshop.comAdishonal na e platonanouténtiko di kada restorant, Flavors of Curaçao lo tinpremiumbarnanbon surtí. Tambe lo tin unCaribbean Cocktail Barkue oportunidat pa mix i krea bo propiococktaildelisioso.Un evento kulinario di e magnitut akisin lugar a duda,ta rekerí entretenementumusikal, pues Flavors of Curaçao lo deleitá su bishitantenan ku entretenementu na enkargo di DJLucy, Nelson Braveheart i mas.Patrosinadónan pa e evento aki ta inkluíRenaissance Wind Creek Curaçao Resort & Casino,Licores Maduro, CuraçaoTourist Board, Curaçao Airport Holding, Coca-Cola, Securitas,88Rockòrsou, Dolfijn FM & Paradise FM.Pa mas informashon i detayes por fabor bishitá nos wèpsaitwww.FlavorsCuracao.comisiguinospágina di Facebookwww.facebook.com/Flavors.of.Curacao

Flavors of Curaçao2022 is back and celebrating 5theditionTickets available now
Willemstad, 12 August 2022–Today the Curaçao Hospitality and Tourism Association (CHATA)launchesthe island’s largest culinary festival, Flavors of Curaçao 2022. With this event CHATAaims to raise funds to continue investing in projects that are beneficial for the tourism andhospitality sector and the community of Curaçao. Celebrating CHATA’s 55 anniversary this year,the celebration now gets bigger, as this is also the 5thedition of the culinary festival.The eventwill be held on the premises of the Renaissance Wind Creek Curaçao Resorton Saturday,September 24, and alike previous successful editions, this year Flavors of Curaçao looks forwardto attracting around 4.000 visitors, between 16:00-23:00, to savor creative and delicious culinarydelicacies.The Flavors of Curaçao is an outdoor food festival showcasing the culinary diversity andrestaurants in Curaçao. The event will grant visitors the opportunity to enjoy a wide array ofdishes prepared by over 30 participants, complemented by good music and exciting activitiesfor the entire family to enjoy. Experience food trucks, mixed cuisines, mixology bars, urbanfood, vegan options, andmuch more, all in one exciting event. Early bird tickets to this uniqueculinary experience will start at Naf.30 and later become Naf.35. Entrance to the event includesNaf.15worth of tokens and is free for children under the age of 12. Tickets are available now at:Van den Tweel Zeelandia, Mensing’s Caminada, Tu y Yo Grote Berg and Sta. Rosa, the CHATAofficeand online viawww.caribbeanticketshop.comInaddition to the restaurants’ signature dishes,Flavors of Curaçao will alsohavewell-assortedpremium bars and a Caribbean cocktail barwith the opportunity to mix and create your owndelicious cocktail.A culinary event of this magnitude obviously requires musical entertainment,which is why Flavors of Curaçao will delight all its guests with entertainment byNelsonBraveheart,DJ Lucyand more.Branding and media partners for this eventincludeRenaissanceWind CreekCuraçao Resort &Casino,Licores Maduro, Curaçao Tourist Board, Curaçao Airport Holding, Coca-Cola, Securitas,88Rockòrsou,DolfijnFMandParadise FM.For more information and updates please visit our websitewww.FlavorsCuracao.comand likeand follow us on Facebookwww.facebook.com/Flavors.of.Curacao
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