Bonaire welcomes first Air Belgium flight.

Miles Mercera

Bonaire welcomes first Air Belgium flight.

Earlier this year, Air Belgium in partnership with Tourism Corporation Bonaire and Bonaire International Airport (BIA) announced that Bonaire has been added as a new destination for Air Belgium’s 2022/2023 winter schedule, servicing Bonaire with a direct scheduled flight from Brussels Airport (BRU). Despite the change in schedule for winter 2022/2023, Air Belgium remained committed and executed its scheduled flights to Bonaire for December 2022 and January 2023.
The scheduled flights will take place on December 23rd, December 25th, 2022 followed by January 6th, and 8th, 2023. These flights are just in time to support the winter season of Bonaire.🙌🏻
The flight was welcomed with a traditional water salute. TCB wishes our arriving visitors a beautiful holiday experience on our island, Bonaire.


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