Government of Sint Maarten ** Prime Minister Silveria E. Jacobs **

The goal of the Government is to achieve a compassionate and united nation; a strong and resilient economy and a safe, secure, decisive, and independent nation. We have identified that in order to achieve these goals there needs to be governance for effective public administration and sustainable development and reliable data and efficient data management. SOAB, as an organization plays a crucial role in ensuring these goals as well as financial stability and accountability of Government and provide a guide for proper corporate responsibility.
The future is uncertain and can be shaped by various factors like human decisions, technological advancements, and natural events. However, services like SOAB help the government grow by providing financial services and expertise that enable government agencies to operate more efficiently and effectively.
SOAB records and reports on government’s financial transactions; prepares and manages the budgets; Ensures compliance with accounting standards and regulations; conducts financial audits; provides financial advice and support to government agencies; oversees the collection and management of government revenue; and monitors and reports on the use of government funds.
Together with the diversely skilled professionals at SOAB we can work together to make a difference for the future financial independence of Sint Maarten, with efficient efficient, effective and innovative operations that are policy based, sustainable and flexible enough to allow for continued growth and resilience to change in our ever changing world.


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