Government of Sint Maarten ** Prime Minister Silveria E. Jacobs **


β€œAs Government, it is a proud moment to see the joy and appreciation on the faces of our ambulance workers, management and all those who made it possible. We remain committed and dedicated to the forward motion of these projects that focus on building resilience for Sint Maarten. While the ambulances may have taken quite some time to get here, it’s good to see them here lined up, sirens blaring, fully equipped with the updated equipment and expert training our frontliners have received. We are now better prepared to deal with disasters as well as our routine answers to calls within the community.
We have steadily progressed in ensuring that the entire sector is properly outfitted, frontliners trained and their facilities and equipment adequately maintained.
We must take pride in these new acquisitions and ensure proper care and maintenance to ensure we will have them when our community needs them.
Congratulations to all frontliners and especially our ambulance workers as you continue to move forward well outfitted in your service to St. Maarten. Thank you for your patience and dedication as you serve with honor!” said Prime Minister Jacobs.


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