Stènt di Kòrsou na feria di deportenan akuátiko boot Düsseldorf 2023 na Alemania….

WILLEMSTAD- 6 di febrüari 2023 – Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou (CTB) kompañá pa 6 partner di sektor privá tabata presente na boot Düsseldorf 2023. Ta trata aki di e feria di deportenan akuátiko di mas grandi ku ta tuma lugá anualmente na Alemania. E aña aki e feria di 9 dia a tuma lugá di 21 pa 29 di yanüari i a konta ku partisipashon di kasi 237 mil bishitante i 1500 ekshibidor for di kasi 100 pais.


Durante e dianan di e feria e tim di Kòrsou a sostené 3 entrevista riba e podio di buseo tambe un entrevista na boot TV i a duna presentashon tur dia riba Kòrsou komo destinashon turístiko. Tambe e tim di Kòrsou a organisá un Curaçao Cocktail Happy Hour ku a konta ku partisipashon di 150 invitado konsistiendo di konsumidónan, operadornan di tour i representantenan di media. Mas aleu nos tim a partisipá tambe den e video promoshonal di boot Düsseldorf su edishon di próksimo aña. CTB ta gradisí partnernan di sektor privá ku e biaha aki a forma parti di e tim di Kòrsou; Sun Reef Village on Sea, Rancho El Sobrino, Dive Division, Curaçao Divers, Scuba Lodge i LionsDive Beach Resort Curaçao


E feria a brinda e tim di Kòrsou e plataforma ideal pa konektá ku e komunidat gustadó di deportenan akuátiko,  profeshonalnan i representantenan di media. Hopi di nan ya ta familiarisá ku e oportunidatnan úniko ku Kòrsou ta ofresé riba e aria di buseo pero tambe nos a topa ku esnan ku ta buskando destinashonnan nobo pa praktiká nan deporte faborito. Ku un klima perfekto i un biodiversidat úniko nos pais tin hopi di ofresé tantu riba tera komo bou di awa.


Curaçao booth at Watersports Exhibition boot Düsseldorf 2023

in Germany….


WILLEMSTAD- February 6, 2023 – The Curacao Tourist Board (CTB) together with 6 private sector partners attended boot Düsseldorf 2023. This is the largest watersports fair which is held annually in Germany. This year the 9-day exhibition took place from January 21 till 29 and reached almost 237 thousand visitors. There were more than 1500 exhibitors who attended this fair from almost 100 countries.


During the fair the team from Curaçao gave 3 interviews on the dive stage and an interview on boot TV. They also gave presentations every day to showcase Curaçao as a tourist destination, thereby focusing especially on diving. In addition, the Curaçao team hosted a Curaçao Cocktail Happy Hour, at which 150 guests attended, among them consumers, Tour Operators and press members. Furthermore, our team also participated in the promotional video of next year’s edition of boot Düsseldorf. CTB extends its gratitude to the private sector partners that were part of the Curaçao team this year: Sun Reef Village on Sea, Rancho El Sobrino, Dive Division, Curaçao Divers, Scuba Lodge and LionsDive Beach Resort Curaçao.


The fair offered the Curaçao team the ideal platform to connect with the community of watersports lovers, professionals and media representatives. Many of them were already familiar with the unique opportunities that Curaçao offers with regards to diving, but we also met visitors who were looking for new destinations where they can practice their favorite sport. With a perfect climate and a unique biodiversity, our island has a lot to offer, both on land and under water.

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