Public Entity Saba On behalf of the Community Development, we would like to thank the Community and all persons that have contributed towards the event of our first Women’s Care Day.

The goal of this event was to highlight the importance of selfcare as it was a pre warm up event towards our International Women’s Day, that will be held on March 8th 2023.
We would like to thank our professionals who did an outstanding job in providing their services to all women present that evening. There was a total of eight different stations which included; Massages by LIFE Spa Allan Carolina, Erika’s Harmony Spa, Unspoiled Queen Massage and Wellness. Mani’s and Pedi’s by Ms. Sherilyn Hassell and Ms. Maria O Roa. Makeup services by Mr. Tyler Johnson, Facials by Darlene’s Essentials Spa Line and last but not least home-made Candles by Ms. Lucianna Vicento.
Organizers Ms. Charvella Wilson who is the Project Assistant at the Community Development and Ms. Mildred Rijhiner DV Coordinator and Child Abuse, were very pleased with the successful turn out of the event. Their aim was to accommodate as many women as possible and to give them a beautiful message, which was done by Mrs. Joyce Smith during that evening. Positive feedback was received and with that they are looking forward to organizing more events for both men and women in the future.


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