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Philipsburg: On Monday 07th November just around 1430 a 38 year old male while walking on the Backstreet was suddenly approached from behind by two men sitting on scooter. The scooter rider came up next to him and the passenger pointed a firearm in his direction. He was then forced to hand over the money bag containing an undisclosed amount of money that he was carrying with him. They then sped away on the scooter. Both men were wearing helmets. One of the suspects wore a white T-shirt and the other a blue T-shirt. Anyone with information in connection with this case can contact the detective department.

Three arrested for fighting:
Philipsburg: Yesterday evening the 7th of November 2016 at approximately 6 pm the central dispatch was informed of a fight taken place involving several men at an address on the A .Th. Illidge Road. Several patrols immediately responded to call and on arrival found that onlookers had already separated those involved. They were all arrested for ill-treating each other. During their altercation each suffered minor injuries which were attended to at the medical center before they were taken to the Police station where they were heard by the acting prosecutor. After being questioned by detectives all three men were released.

Man robbed
PHILIPSBURG: A 38 year old Dominican man was robbed between the hours of 11 pm(23:00) and 12pm (24:00) while walking along the Sucker garden road in the area of El Capitan. He was approached by an unknown person and his black colored knapsack containing cash and some other personal items was forcibly taken from him. No description of the culprit was given.

Shooting incident:
Philipsburg: On November 08th 2016 a detective patrol investigated a possible shooting incident that took in St Peters on the Pineapple road last evening. At the scene witnesses were questioned. Information was later obtained that a man had reported to French authorities that he had been shot on the French side of the island. The French and Dutch authorities are busy investigating this case. .

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