Philipsburg, April 9th 2019

From: Chief Inspector R.V. HENSON

                      POLICE PRESS RELEASE

Police warns community for Illegal contractors

In the last four months of 2019, the Police Fraud department, as well as the General Criminal Investigation Department, has received numerous reports regarding fraud.  Based on the reports many citizens hire persons or contractor to carry out construction work. After receiving a part of the budgeted amount for the construction, these persons or contractor no longer appear to do the work or complete the work he is supposed to. In most cases, they are foreigners and use bogus companies that are not registered on Sint-Maarten.

After the hurricane in 2017, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (COCI) posted a message that citizens should be vigilant and cautious with whom they are doing business and that they should investigate before hiring any persons or companies. These persons should request copies of a valid business license and a current COCI registration to verify that the company is legally established on Sint Maarten.

Most of these companies involved in this criminal act are not registered at the Sint Maarten Chamber of Commerce and Industry and not licensed to do business on Sint Maarten. Many of these companies may also advertise vacancies to hire local workers, so those seeking employment are also urged to be very cautious.


Two arrested in car theft investigation


Detectives are presently conducting an investigation involving the theft of at least six motor vehicles. The investigation started based on information regarding a dump truck that was stolen from Marshall Motors in the beginning of April of 2019. The stolen dump truck was located during the investigation in the area of Cupe Coy.  These investigations lead to locating six other vehicles that were stolen. A male suspect identified with initials C.M.D. and a female suspect identified with initials A.M.R were arrested by police on Monday April 8th in connection with this case. All six vehicles were confiscated for further investigation and the suspects remain in custody for questioning.


KPSM’s K-9 travels to Aruba for training

The KPSM management team would like to congratulate major John Boyrard and his patrol dog Oscar for completing the K9-training seminar from April 1st– 4th 2019.

The “high risk deployment” K9-training seminar was held on Aruba. Major Boyrard trained together with fellow K9-officers from Aruba, The Netherlands and even a K-9 Unit all the way from Australia.

Boyrard and Oscar dealt with very difficult and risky scenarios, like climbing a building, search a sea ship, area- and building-searches and high risk car-stops. Besides that they supported the Aruba “bijzonder ondersteuningsteam” (BOT) during scenarios with dangerous prison inmates and followed a lecture by Aruba’s veterinarian Drs. Natalie Booi. The lecture was in regards to preventing heat strokes and other climate-related dangers when it comes to taking care of the K9 dogs.

Boyrard and Oscar performed on an extremely high level of control, courage and obedience during all scenarios and represented KPSM very well. The management team here at KPSM would like to comprehend him and Oscar on a job well done, representing the Sint Maarten Police as well as thank Dick Van Lenen for the warm hospitality while officer Boyrard and Oscar completed seminar the in Aruba. (See pics attached)


General Controls Continue.

In an effort to continue to keep the public safe and make sure all road users are traveling with their up to date documents, the Sint Maarten Police force conducted a general control today from 8:30am- 10am in the Cole Bay area.

During this morning’s control 25 cars were stopped, 22 drivers were in violation of the tint law and had to remove it on the spot, 4 fines were given out for various infractions such as no drivers’ license, no insurance and failure. One rider’s scooter was confiscated for not having paid the 2019 road tax.

As the KPSM continues to carry out these general controls we urge all drivers to drive safe and to carry their up to date documents at all time when operating their vehicle. (See pics attached).


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