Vakantieplan 7 juli 2022 t/m 10 augustus 2022. Total Care Institute gaat de werld rond. Meldt uw kind aan vanaf 1 juni 2022. De enige vakantieplan die gedurende de hele vakantie loopt en de goedkoopste met de beste hoge kwaliteit.
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Willemstad 3 di yuli 2022 – Loke a kuminsá komo un simpel proyekto pa traha un modelo di e lanthùisnan di Kòrsou pa sera aña eskolar di e grupo 7 di Skol Sint Antonius, a bira un mega proyekto kaminda nan a kombiná varios abilidat pa no únikamente krea e edifisionan monumental, pero tambe  kombertí den orador tokante di e pasado riku i e uso aktual di e lanthùisnan. Tabata un reto i alabes un oportunidat pa koperá ku e muchanan i tambe nan mayornan, pa asina nan por a krea e artenan aki ku a impreshoná hopi ku a mira nan.

CIBC FirstCaribbean a sostené e proyekto, ku no únikamente a saka lo mihó di e alumnonan di Skol Sint Antonius,  pero alabes a enkurashá e partisipashon aktivo di nan mayor i a stimulá nan interes den a pasado riku di Kòrsou. Bo por a mira e orguyo den a hobennan ora ku nan a kaba ku nan proyekto i tabata presentá esaki.

Skol Sint Antonius tin komo tradishon pa laga e alumnonan di grupo 7 na fin di aña eskolar hasi un proyekto kaminda ta reta e alumnonan pa demonstrá nan kreatividat. E proyekto di e aña aki a saka mas ku e kreatividat di e studiantenan. E studiantenan, den nan gran mayoria for di e barionan di Santa Maria i Seru Fortuna, a kombiná nan kreatividat riku, nan konosementu di historia, kalkulashon di midí i abilidat di presentá, pa krea i presentá nan proyekto. E proyekto di e studiantenan a bira punto di interes di henter famia kaminda mama i tatanan tabata kontribuí nan parti pa kombertí e modelo den un piesa di arte. E proyekto a logra ku e studiantenan mester a buska informashon, tantu tokante e pasado di e lanthùisnan pero tambe presente. Tur e studiantenan a kombertí den orador ku bon konosementu di e lanthùis ku nan a traha i presentá.

Un di e maestronan di e klasnan di grupo 7 di Skol Sint Anonius a bisa ku e proyekto aki a saka e mihó for di e studiantenan. E studiantenan a haña un oportunidat ekselente ku e proyekto aki pa demonstrá nan konosementu i abilidatnan riba varios tereno. E koperashon den famia a krea un eksperensha úniko ku e hobennan aki lo keda kòrda pa hopi tempu. E maestronan a apresiá e sosten i koperashon di CIBC FirstCaribbean pa kompletá e proyekto ku tabatin un gran impakto riba e hobennan.




Willemstad July 3, 2022 – What may have started as a simple project to recreate the historic land houses of Curacao to close the school year for the students of group 7 at the Sint Antonius College, turned into a mega project where they had to combine many faculties to not only recreate the monumental buildings but became storytellers of the rich past and present use of the land houses.

The children, and also their parents, where highly challenged and cooperated to create some piece of art that upon completion turned heads of all those who had the chance to admire them.

CIBC FirstCaribbean supported the project that not only brought the best out of the pupils of Sint Antonius College, but encouraged active participation of their parents and stimulated their interest into Curçacao’s rich past. One could notice the pride in each of these youngsters upon completion and presentation of their projects.

Sint Antonius School has made it a tradition to end the school year of pupils in group 7 with a project through which the students are challenged to show their creativity.  This year’s project brought more alive than just the creative spirits of the students.  The pupils, many out of the neighborhood stretching from Santa Maria to Seru Fortuna had to combine their rich creativity, their knowledge of history, measurement calculation and presentation skills to create and present their projects.

The pupil’s project became the center of interest in their families where mom and dad contributed as well turning each model into a masterpiece.  The projects also sent the young students to out to seek information regarding the past but also the present.  They all turned into inspired storytellers with good knowledge about each and every model of land house which was presented.

One of the teachers of the Group 7 classes at the Sint Antonius School said that the project brought out the best of their students.  They had an excellent opportunity with this project to prove their knowledge and skills in various areas.  The cooperation within the family created a truly fantastic experience that will long be remembered by these youngsters.  Both teachers highly appreciated the support and collaboration of CIBC FirstCaribbean’s support for the impactful project that will long be remembered by the students.


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