The Hague shocked by Trump decision – Den Haag di shòk pa desishon presidente Trump

The Hague shocked by Trump decision.
The Hague – State Secretary Dijksma (Infrastructure and environment) is shocked by the the American president Trump’s decision to pull out from the Paris deal.
“Today must be a sad day for the world”. “In other words we must stay positive” own words of the dutch State Secretary.
There are so many countries working hard to keep the climate raise below 2 degrees. If we don’t see it now our children will get the problem. (
(We will give an update and more information regarding Climate Change)
(Photo: Sharon Dijksma. Source Google)

Den Haag di shòk pa desishon presidente Trump
Den Haag – Sekretario di estado Dijksma (minister di infrastruktura i medio ambiente) ta kompletu di shòk dor di e desishon di Trump pa kanselá e dil ku Merka tin ku Paris tokante kontrol di klima.
“Awe ta un dia tristu”. ” Ku otro palabra nos mester keda positivo”, segun Dijksma.
Tin hopi pais ta traha duru pa tene e subida di klima bou di 2 grado. Si nos no mir’e aworaki nos yunan lo bai haña nan ku e problema. (
(Red: Keda pendiente pa un relato i estudio riba Kontrol di klima (Climate Change)
(Foto: Sharon Dijksma.fuente Google)

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